ColdHeat soldering tool – don’t buy it!

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Coldheat pro
coldheat pro
How nice to begin the new year with disappointment. I bought a ColdHeat pro soldering tool, thinking I might use it for quick soldering jobs, since using the wired soldering tool is a bit of a ritual.

I made the fatal mistake of not reading the  reviews online (such as this and this), which warn that the ColdHeat might not, well, live up to the hype.

As it turns out, the reviews are pretty accurate. The ColdHeat turns a simple task, such as soldering two wires together, into an absurdly difficult affair. Something that would take even me, a pretty inexperienced solderer, a few minutes with the wired iron, turned out to be impossible with the ColdHeat. Maybe it’s just that I’m dumb; but the fact remains that the ColdHeat plainly didn’t work for me.

About my only consolation is that the thing was pretty unexpensive!