Reasons to leave Mexico

I’m officially beginning my long overdue series on reasons for us to migrate away from Mexico. Because if you look at it objetively, we are making a decent living with few worries or fears. But sometimes things happen that shake you to the core, and once you analyze them, you realize they should not happen in a country with Mexico’s “specifications”. So why is everything failing in this country? I mean, it’s not Zimbabwe with its rampant inflation and eternal crysis, not Iraq or Afghanistan, ravaged by war; it’s not even the USA, theoretically we shouldn’t live in fear, as we have no terrorism or worldwide hatred against us. So the point here is to present those events that, as they happen, show the things that everyday citizens like us see that are wrong in Mexico, and make us wonder why are we putting up with all this. What do we get out of the bargain? and the answer, more and more often is, “nothing, really”. And the follow-up question is : why are we here? Indeed, the point of the series is to eventually find an answer to these; but I suspect that we will not, as so many things in this country that go unanswered.

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  1. As they say: Mexico is a Country where nothing happens, it’s sorta soap-opera, you could miss a months worth of episodes and you could still get the plot.
    I’m Mexican by accident but truly I have never felt any love or respect for Mexico because it has never gave anything back to me, not even opportunities, all I have is either my parents effort or my own.
    So, in the same spirit, let me be a constant collaborator of these series, beginning with 2 facts:

    Mexicans read an average of 2 books per year.
    In Mexico City alone there are three million stray dogs.

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