Unit converter for Blackberry smartphones

So I’ve released version 1.0 of my Blackberry Unit Converter, aptly named BerryUnitConverter, upon the world. If you’re looking for a handy unit converter for your Java-based Blackberry smartphone, I’d love for you to give this little program a try. It can be installed over-the-air, see the instructions on the BerryUnitConverter page.

Reasons to leave Mexico #4

Gas prices suck. Most everyone knows this, but the situation in Mexico is really byzantine. In order to help their finances, the government has been increasing gas prices since Zedillo’s presidency (1994-2000). The increase has been slight, one cent per month. However, during Calderón’s period, the increases have been more frequent and more expensive, as […]

Vlad, Capistrano incompatible with Dropbear?

I tried to deploy to a remote debian (etch/testing) server running dropbear instead of openssh. Rake blew up (Vlad impaled it?) with an error such as this: Writing configuration file to /***/mongrel_cluster.conf. rake aborted! execution failed with status 255: ssh www.****.com mongrel_rails cluster::configure -N 2 -p 8000 -e production -a -c /****/current -C ****/shared/mongrel_cluster.conf […]