Sigue la patraña del horario de verano en México

La Jornada reporta que la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores cambiará su horario de operación del 9 de Marzo al 3 de Abril, fechas en las cuales la diferencia de horario de verano entre Estados Unidos y México crea un defasamiento inesperado de una hora. El mercado bursátil mexicano abrirá a las 07:30 horas, tiempo local […]

Piracy in Mexico: Why it won’t stop

A note on Slashdot says “[Nintendo] has requested help in dealing with piracy overseas, both from the US government and from several other countries in particular. China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Paraguay are listed as the greatest contributing nations to piracy of the company’s products.” Nintendo needs to realize that there’s no way piracy […]

Untrustworthy cops in Mexico: what else is new?

As part of the ongoing public safety mess in Mexico, the president himself sent a document to the Senate, detailing the findings in a “trustworthiness” evaluation that was performed this year to Mexico’s security forces. The unsurprising result: 50% of all law enforcement personnel don’t fulfill the required trustworthiness requirements. The report itself is ridiculously […]

Peseros in Mexico City, the spawn from hell

Peseros in Mexico City are a fact of life; indeed, due to several mishandlings of transport policy (yes, the government again), they have thrived and carry up to 60% of the city’s passengers. Yet, as everybody knows, they’re unsafe, dangerous, rude and cause endless traffic jams and problems. Watching two of these behemoths racing down […]