Wii is gimmicky, says Microsoft

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Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii

Okay, I usually know Microsoft people live in a different world and it’s usually OK. However this guy here is completely delusional.

This Microsoft VP slams Wii Fit and calls the entire Wii ecosystem a “gimmick”. He argues that it’s solid, rewarding gameplay and control schemes that bring players back, and that by pushing gimmicky add-ons and controllers such as Wii Fit or the Wii Remote is not a sustainable scheme.

Whatever, I bet this guy hasn’t played some of the great Wii games like Okami, No More Heroes or even Wii Sports; the Wii’s control scheme works beautifully with those games and there’s definitely nothing as rewarding in the XBox world, compared to slashing foes with your remote on No More Heroes,  or using it as a brush in Okami, easily one of the most beautiful, best thought-out videogames I’ve ever seen. As for Wii Sports, there’s nothing gimmicky about a game that has the entire family playing and having fun within five minutes; as opposed to most Xbox games that you can barely start to play after 5 minutes of fidgeting with all the options, choices, wizards, menus, and so on.

But wait, there’s more. At some point in the article this MSFT cronie actually talks about how THEY are about to introduce a new game with a peripheral for … get this… wireless karaoke. And they tell me *that* is not a gimmick and it promotes deep, engrossing gameplay. Pfft.

Sorry, I just had to laugh at this guy and point out that, whatever, the Wii is outselling the Xbox anyway, so, i guess it is sour grapes after all.