A unit converter is something handy to have on your PDA or smartphone. However, I couldn’t find any free, useful unit converter for the Blackberry smartphone; all I managed to find were J2ME generic converters that don’t blend in with the Blackberry’s user interface and are in general a pain to use.

Thus, here is BerryUnitConverter; it is, indeed, a Blackberry Unit Converter. All it does is convert between different units of measurement. It’s written specifically for the Blackberry so it won’t work on generic J2ME phones; if you need a converter for your J2ME phone, I suggest Abiro Unit Converter. Also, it requires a Java-based model. It’s been tested on Pearl (81xx), Curve (8300) and Storm (95xx) models but should work on the Bold as well. Warning: if you have a 4.1 device (the 8700 series, for example) you need to go down the page to the Installing section and download the 8700-specific version.

BerryUnitConverter is free software, released under the GNU GPLv2. Source code is available a bit further down the page (under “source code”). You will probably need the Blackberry JDE in order to successfully build from source code.



BerryUnitConverter 1.0

  • Initial release

BerryUnitConverter 1.1.1

  • Add “swap” menu option to quickly swap origin and destination units. Did you ask to convert feet to meters when you meant the opposite? swap will do just that.
  • Add film industry-related conversions.

BerryUnitConverter 1.2

  • Added torque and speed conversions.

BerryUnitConverter 1.2.1

  • Fixed bug with conversions for ounces and stones.

BerryUnitConverter 1.3

  • Added data conversions
  • Compatible with the Blackberry Storm (95xx) and OS 4.7.

BerryUnitConverter 1.4

  • Added force conversions
  • Compatible with the 8700 series and OS 4.1 (you need to download the specific version; it’s feature-equivalent so you’re not missing out on anything).

BerryUnitConverter 1.5

  • Fixed some inaccurate conversions
  • Added some new units.

BerryUnitConverter 1.7

  • Added new units.


BerryUnitConverter 1.7 knows about the following units:

  • Data
    • from bits to terabits and tebibits
    • from bytes to terabytes and tebibytes
  • Force
    • Newtons
    • Kilonewtons
    • Kilograms force
    • Pounds force
  • Torque
    • Newton-meters
    • foot-pounds
    • inch-pounds
    • Kilogram-meters
  • Speed
    • Miles per hour
    • Kilometers per hour
    • Miles per second
    • Kilometers per second
    • Meters per second
  • Weight
    • Kilogram
    • Carat
    • Pennyweight
    • Gram
    • Miligram
    • Pound
    • Stone
    • Ounce
    • Arroba
    • Quinta
  • Temperature
    • Fahrenheit
    • Celsius
    • Kelvin
  • Length
    • Kilometer
    • Meter
    • Mile
    • Inch
    • Centimeter
    • Millimeter
    • Micrometer
    • League
    • Rod
    • Yard
    • Foot
    • Hand
  • Volume
    • Liter
    • Cubic meter
    • milliliter
    • Gallon
    • Quart
    • Pint
    • Fluid Ounce
    • bushel
    • Fluid Arroba
  • Area
  • Pressure
  • Power
  • Film industry (enabling you to see how many feet of film a 50-second clip would take, or see how many frames will fit in a meter of film)
    • Feet (of film)
    • Frames
    • Meters (of film obviously)
    • seconds


Point your Blackberry browser to this link (goes to /berryunitconverter_files/BerryUnitConverter.jad) and it should install over the air (OTA).

This should work on all devices from Pearl and 8800 to Storm. If it doesn’t, please let me know.

If you have a 8700 series device, you should download this link instead (goes to /berryunitconverter_files/BerryUnitConverter-8700.jad.   A separate version is needed because the 8700 series is, for some reason, not JAD-compatible with the 4.7 JDE which works with all other Java-based devices.

Finally, if you wish to download the COD file and perform a desktop install, you can get it (BerryUnitConverter.cod)  with your desktop browser (use BerryUnitConverter-8700.cod instead for 8700-series devices with OS 4.1.x). You will also need this (BerryUnitConverter.alx).


File Description
BerryUnitConverter.jad BerryUnitConverter – Over The Air install, most devices
BerryUnitConverter-8700.jad BerryUnitConverter – Over The Air install, 8700-series devices
BerryUnitConverter.cod BerryUnitConverter – For desktop installation, most devices
BerryUnitConverter-8700.cod BerryUnitConverter – For desktop install, 8700-series devices
BerryUnitConverter.alx ALX file for desktop install – all devices (you need both this file and one of the COD files listed above).
berryunitconverter-1.7.tar.gz Source code (tarball).

Source code

Source code for the latest release is available ( berryunitconverter-1.7.tar.gz – 8kb tarball). This includes the project files as well as the icon and all necessary java source files for compilation.

Our git repository is also available for you to clone ( I welcome patches for improvements, changes and new unit definitions. To fetch a copy of the repository just install git and do:

git clone

To do

Things I’d like to do with the app include:

  • Swap origin and destination units with a single click/menu option.
  • Remember the last performed conversion
  • Modify my conversion model to support time conversion and base conversion (currently I can only convert units which can be represented linearly).
  • Implement a help function (if only I could find a reference for Blackberry help APIs).
  • Implement non-decimal conversions for instance to convert to days, hours, minutes and seconds; or meters to feet and inches, useful to convert people’s height.
  • Implement film industry units: convert between feet, frames, and minutes/seconds (this last one depends on non-decimal conversions).

Contact me

Bug reports, feature suggestions and contributions, and requests for additional units are welcome. Contact me through this form.