How to call from the United States to Mexico

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Do you want to dial from USA to Mexico? We tell you how.

Dialing a landline number

  1. Find out the international dialing prefix. This may vary depending on your Long Distance provider, and could be 01, 001, 011, etc. (AT&T uses 011).
  2. Dial as follows (NOTE, change the numbers according to the phone you want to actually dial):
011 52 55 5658-1111
LD prefix Country code for Mexico Area Code in Mexico (Note Area codes are called “LADA codes” in Mexico) Local number

In this example you’d dial 011-52-55-5658-1111

Calling a mobile / cellular phone

Warning: Dialing a mobile number is slightly different:

011 521 55 1215-1398
LD prefix Country code for Mexico + mobile access code (1) Area Code in Mexico (Note Area codes are called “LADA codes” in Mexico) Local number

You’d dial 011-521-55-1215-1398

LADA (area) codes

In Mexico, area codes can be 2 or 3 digits long. They’re known as LADA codes (LADA is short for “LArga DistanciA” – Long Distance).

Local numbers are 7 or 8 digits long.

The combination of an area code and its local number will always be 10 digits long.

At this page (Telmex) you’ll find a LADA search engine. Type the name of the town or city you want to reach and you’ll get a listing of applicable LADA area codes.

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If you frequently dial long-distance we suggest using Skype. This application allows you to call from your computer or smartphone to a landline at a lower cost than traditional phone-to-phone long distance. Also, if the call is from a device running skype to another (be it computer or smartphone), there is no cost. All you need is to install the software and a broadband connection to the Internet.


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