Selecting Canned Responses With Fzf and Xclip

If you do any kind of support or deal with customers in any way, it’s likely that 80% of incoming requests can be served by sending a canned reply about one of a handful of common issues.

I keep my canned replies in a specific directory, copy them to the clipboard using xclip and then paste them in whichever web-based ticketing system the request comes from.

For this I used to rely on CTRL-R completion using fzf, but that’s becoming kind of unwieldy; so instead, I crafted an fzf-powered oneliner that gives me a responses command. I run that and I get a list of all the canned responses in the directory with auto-completion as per fzf, and also a nice preview window so I can ensure the text contains what I need to send. On pressing ENTER, this is put in the clipboard courtesy of xclip ready to be pasted.

function responses(){
    xclip -selection c $(find ~/Documents/w/responses -type f | fzf --preview-window='up:40%' --preview 'cat {}')

The above goes in ~/.bashrc.