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Perros malos, muy malos! se subieron al segundo piso de periférico y tuvo que ir a sacarlos la policía.

Perritos en periférico

lawyers & accountants

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Lawyers and accountants are self-replicating abominations engendered by their own trades. Truth is, if law and accounting weren’t such awful messes, there would be no need for lawyers and accountants. By making law procedures as well as accounting practice such a nasty and entangled mess, they effectively made sure that everyone was scared and chose rather to hire a professional to do the job. This is artificial and in stark contrast to engineering or other technical professions which require real expertise in math, science and a particular technical or creative trade; law is complicated because lawyers made it so, and so is accounting, which is basically the practice of keeping tabs on where money comes from and goes to. How complicated can this be? if you’re not handling your legal issues and accounting yourself, you probably know the answer.


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La completa destrucción de mi página antigua es buen momento para poner wordpress, sobre todo ya que esta versión aparentemente puede manipular también páginas con contenido arbitrario que es lo más común que tenga yo en mi página.